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What our listeners are saying

"Thank Goodness for your podcast - I listen to you guys and gals every morning before work so I can adjust my attitude in order to serve others at my job."


"I'm so thankful for Michael Jr. and the messages he brings. His heart for God shines through everything he does, including this podcast!"


"I have always loved Michael but this podcast with the crew and non sponsors sponsors if like a pong pong game of laughter. Everyone brings clean and hilarious material to the table. In the world we are in I have found this to be on time laughter to help lighten my heart which also strengthens me to fight harder."

-God's Daisy

Pls read I love this podcast I have lots of anxiety at night and this helps me laugh relax and not worry . I am twelve years old and love every podcast and also love your standup comedy. I love listening when I feel sad about stuff . me and my family just moved from Panamá city Panamá to New Jersey and I have lots of feeling that won’t stop at night but this is such a good podcast to laugh when you have so many emotions. Thank you Mr. Junior“


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